Top-down map of condominiums with numbered houses and parking spots
A poster entitled For the Love of Music
A Poster for a landscaping construction company
Black and White Legacy Limitless Logo with an asterisk besite it.
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Condominium Parking Map

GCCB Concert Poster

Camel Lake Bobcat Billboard

Legacy Limitless

Pictured is a map that I digitized for the Condominium Management Group. The new version is much easier to read, scales without becoming blurry and the text is editable with Adobe Acrobat. It is a large improvement over the handwritten numbers on the original.

This poster was generated for the Gloucester Community Concert Band’s spring concert entitled “For the Love of Music”. Guided by shape psychology, I used brush lettering and flowing lines to convey musicality and creativity. The maroon colour was taken from the band’s uniform and reinforces the topic of Love. Finally, the flowers in the background provide detail and tie the whole poster together. I also designed a french version of this poster as well.

Camel Lake Bobcat asked me to design an 8-by-8-foot advertisement for a highway billboard. I drew insparation from their website for the fonts and colours to maintain brand identity. As cars would be driving by very fast, I made sure that the contact information was the most eyecatching part of the design. Lastly, I chose imagesthat complimented the poster's colours and displayed the high-quality work that this company provides to their clients.

LiftYourLegacy was looking to recreate one of their logos for apparel purposes. After the initial drafts, I was able to produce the design they were looking for along with social media icons featuring the asterisk symbol associated with their brand. The bold text and simple colours symbolize power and modernity, the exact values this brand exemplifies.


Squizard Graphic Design offers graphic and web design services to Ottawa businesses and non-profits. Services that I offer include designing logos, posters, banners, signs, front end for websites and video editing. I have four years of graphic design experience and am committed to completing my client’s work in a timely and thorough manner.
Are you a charity or non-profit group? I may be willing to volunteer my services (situation-dependent).

Name: Aya Tessier

Age: 18

Studying: Astrophysics at Carleton University

Likes: Astronomy, volleyball and D&D


Adobe Illustrator

Logo Design

Print Design

Web Design




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